Screening Tests That Are Important for Women over 50

If you're over 50 and are both financially and professionally balanced, there is still one essential aspect you should take into account if you want to be able to enjoy life to the fullest together with your beloved ones, namely your health.

Although you don't usually face any serious health issues, you should ask your physician to recommend some screening tests that can help you prevent common diseases which affect people who are older.

Here are the most important tests women should perform at your age.

Blood pressure check

One of the most important checkups women should regularly perform once they've turned 50 is measuring their blood pressure.

Heart diseases are so common nowadays and there are so many daily factors that can cause hypertension that it becomes essential to ask your physician to measure your blood pressure at least twice a year. Undetected high blood pressure can harm vital organs like the heart, kidneys or brain

Cholesterol and blood sugar screening tests

You should already know by now if you have problems with high cholesterol. Nevertheless, your health state varies from month to month, so it's highly indicated for women over 50 to measure their cholesterol levels through regular screening tests.

Getting a checkup and going for a low-fat diet can help you live longer and feel better.

Another important test you shouldn't skip is related to your blood sugar level. These fast and simple tests can help doctors see if you are at risk of developing diabetes. No use to add how dangerous this disease is for both men and women as it affects many organs and interferes with the organism's normal functions.

Pelvic screening and mammogram

These screening tests are essential for all women, and they are still mandatory even for those over 50. These are among the examinations that might require more resources, so make sure you've put some money aside for your health fund before making the doctor appointments.

Besides this, it's also recommended to try avoiding risk factors that cause cervical cancer such as smoking and unhealthy eating.

Colon cancer detection

This is useful for both genders as the number of persons diagnosed with colon cancer is rising each year.

Don't forget to ask your physician to recommend a colonoscopy test that can detect this type of cancer early on. Keep going through with this examination at least until you reach 75, but stop performing it only if your doctor says so.

Weight control

If you have problems with your blood pressure or blood sugar levels, you should also check your weight regularly and try to keep it under control.

Being overweight is a risk factor for most diseases that affect women later in life. Get your body mass index by comparing your height and weight, and ask your doctor or nutritionist to help you find a diet plan if you need to lose weight.

Eye examination

Important screening tests don't necessarily have to imply a needle and a lab. Among the important checkups women should take into account after 50, there is also the eye examination test.

Although you might find it normal for your vision to lose its efficiency as you age, don't ignore bothering symptoms and go for a checkup at least every 2 years.

Getting these screening tests done at the right moment may be of benefit to your life. However, for your safety, there is one more thing you should also consider: Having a decent budget in case you need some extra examinations or treatments.

We know how difficult it is to prioritize and save money for the right cause, so we suggest to speak with an adviser to help you get started or to provide a second opinion. This way, you won't feel like you are on your own, and you may manage to save money without actually feeling like you are doing it.

Our financial advisers can meet with you in person or over the phone to see if we can be of service in helping you plan for your financial goals.  If you need a second opinion on your existing plan, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience, we will be glad to go over any questions you may have.